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Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners know the importance of business education! These are the top 5 business education books to read that I swear by!

My favorite business books – Spring 2020


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It’s a chaotic world out there right now, and there are so many unknowns on the short and long term effects COVID-19 will have on our global economy. I know there’s a lot of concern over the effects on small businesses, so I’m here to remind you of a few things you can do to take action right now!

COVID-19 & Entrepreneurs


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Bali was an absolute dreammm, and I’m already planning another visit! I spent MONTHS before we left researching and planning so that we were able to maximize every minute we were there. I’m so stoked to share my top five tips for visiting Bali (or any other international destination!!) Read on and let me know your thoughts!

Top 5 Tips for Vacationing in Bali


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Get ready, friends!! I checked off my dream adventure trip when I spent two magical weeks in Bali – island hopping, surfing, relaxing, exploring, and soaking up as much of the wild island beauty as I could. I am so stoked to share my journey with you- Let’s GOOOO!

Bali, Baby!


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I’ve spent the past few years compiling tips and tricks to help choosing the perfect outfit be super easy, instead of overwhelming and stressful. If you are ready to look (and feel!) like the AH-mazing babe you are, read on for my top 3 tips for choosing clothes that look great and make you feel comfortable in any setting!

Tips for dressing for a couples session


Everyone knows that wedding photos are incredibly important, but a lesser known- yet just as important- aspect of wedding photography is a bridal session. If you’ve looked at those gorgeous, on-location wedding photos of the bride and groom frolicking on the beach or scaling a mountain, odds are that was actually a bridal session!! I’ll explain why I think bridal sessions are a vital part of wedding photography and how you should reach out to your photographer for more specifics.

Why a Bridal Session is a MUST…


I’m slightly obsessed with learning!! I honestly can’t get enough of gaining knowledge and empowering myself, so that I can pour that knowledge into others! I’ve listed my top five FAVORITE podcasts and books here for YOU, because no matter where you are- just starting or super advanced- you can find truth bombs in all these options! Happy learning, my friends!!

My Top 5 Business books + podcasts

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It’s no secret- I LOVE to travel!! But traveling isn’t always the shiny, glowy Insta photos you imagine. There is LOTS of time waiting in airports, sitting in planes, and trying to remember what time zone you’re in today! I’m sharing my go-to travel tips with you to avoid jet lag and waltz off that plane ready to slay the day!!

The Tiny Traveler 001: How to Avoid Jet Lag LIKE A BOSS


So yeah, i did a thing. I now OFFICIALLY live in southern California! If you had told me last year that I would be moving away from my family and fulfilling my dream of moving to California, I would have laughed like Sarah laughed in Genesis. But that’s the beautiful thing about faith- it’s often acknowledged in ways that are mind-boggling to us, but that make perfect sense to our Creator. Want to know how my I reached my goal in a year?? Get your hopes up, friend, because if I can- YOU CAN!!

How My Life Changed in One Year


Within the first two emails, Dani + I knew we were born to be best friends. It was an instant click for both of us. Over the months of booking, planning, chatting, and getting ridiculously excited together, Ryan, Dani, and I became super close. The kind of close where I randomly FaceTime them just to […]

Ryan + Dani