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Bali was an absolute dreammm, and I’m already planning another visit! I spent MONTHS before we left researching and planning so that we were able to maximize every minute we were there. I’m so stoked to share my top five tips for visiting Bali (or any other international destination!!) Read on and let me know your thoughts!

Top 5 Tips for Vacationing in Bali


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Get ready, friends!! I checked off my dream adventure trip when I spent two magical weeks in Bali – island hopping, surfing, relaxing, exploring, and soaking up as much of the wild island beauty as I could. I am so stoked to share my journey with you- Let’s GOOOO!

Bali, Baby!


It’s no secret- I LOVE to travel!! But traveling isn’t always the shiny, glowy Insta photos you imagine. There is LOTS of time waiting in airports, sitting in planes, and trying to remember what time zone you’re in today! I’m sharing my go-to travel tips with you to avoid jet lag and waltz off that plane ready to slay the day!!

The Tiny Traveler 001: How to Avoid Jet Lag LIKE A BOSS


I love my job. I love it more than words. I wouldn’t trade this for the WORLD right now. Seriously, not for anything. But it’s not easy. Period. Today, I wanted to give you an unfiltered picture of what it’s like to be a destination photographer.

What I Wish I Could Tell You About Being A Destination Photographer


Fishermen stared at us and laughed, I nearly dropped my camera in the waves, we were waddling, dripping wet down the beach to our car, and we had the best time in the world and took the most beautiful pictures ever. Take a look-see.

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