I’m slightly obsessed with learning!! I honestly can’t get enough of gaining knowledge and empowering myself, so that I can pour that knowledge into others! I’ve listed my top five FAVORITE podcasts and books here for YOU, because no matter where you are- just starting or super advanced- you can find truth bombs in all these options! Happy learning, my friends!!

My Top 5 Business books + podcasts

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I think I might shock a lot of people with what I’m about to say… but I wanna talk about ghosting for a minute.

I don’t hate ghosting.

Ghosting: Why I Don’t Hate it & How To Avoid It


One of the most asked questions. “How do I pose candidly?” or “How do I get natural reactions and interactions with my clients?” So I’ve compiled 5 of my biggest tips for getting those natural, candid reactions from your clients. But enough talk. Let’s dive on in!



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