If you're here, you've probably been considering some sort of business coaching for awhile. So why me? How do you know if we're a good fit for each other?

If you're here, you've probably been considering some sort of business coaching for awhile. So why me? What should make you choose me over any other coach out there?

so you want more info...

I believe that our businesses are meant to be a means to an end in our lives and be a way we can impact our customers and clients, build a life we love, gain the income needed for a stress-free financial life, and find joy and excitement in what we do. Because of that belief, I FIRMLY believe in building sustainable businesses that don't take over our entire lives and don't allow us freedom or joy in running them. (i.e. we should run our businesses, not our businesses run us.) 

I specialize in creative entrepreneurs seeking to grow and go to the next level in building a sustainable (but that doesn't mean small!!) business. My areas of expertise include (but aren't limited to) powerful marketing, client experience, time management & productivity, branding, diversifying income streams, product and service experience building, photography specific education, digital course and product creation, launch strategy, goal setting and clarity, and quite a few more. If you have questions on whether or not I'm a good fit, just send me an email and let's discuss! I promise I'll give it to you straight if we are or aren't a good fit. 

First + foremost, I wanna say that I'm not the business coach for everyone...

Second: friend, I've gotchu. I will come alongside your dreams and help you reach them. Period.

I believe in my students 1000%. I become your number one supporter. Because of that, I'll not only speak life and encouragement and cheer THE HECK outta you... but I also won't shy away from being (gently) direct with you when needed. If you're looking for only a "yes man" who won't tell it to you straight when needed... we won't be a good fit. With me, I promise you'll get both, and you'll walk away from coaching with clarity, passion, confidence, and tangible strategies and steps, and someone in your corner forever.

I customize every single coaching experience and topics based on the needs of the student. You have access to me between calls, options to add on additional hours, questionnaires, recap emails with info from our sessions and homework to tackle between calls, and more. I do anything and everything I can to see YOU succeed.

I'm in your corner

Investing in Evie was hands-down one of the best choices I made early-on in business, and I have zero doubts that it was what led me to quick growth during my first year as a full-time entrepreneur. Evie’s skills in not only business strategy, but also time management, work routines, & more were huge in setting me up for success while keeping me from crashing & burning from the hustle. I had initially planned on having a single session with Evie, but after feeling refreshed & equipped to do huge things, I continued working with her for months to come. I would recommend working with Evie to anyone wanting to expand their business & learn how to more sustainably navigate entrepreneurship. - Grace McGohan

"One of the best choices I made..."

Don't just take it from me though...

Just in case you didn't catch it before, I specialize in three things: elopements, couples, and intimate weddings. That's where my soul comes ALIVE and where I'm able to serve my clients best. 

let'sget down to the nitty gritty

Every single couple, love story, and adventure is different. And therefore, each one of my packages is almost always a customized fit for each and every couple. But as a starting point, I have some base packages of the most popular picks!!! Once you’ve glanced through these, shoot me an email riiiiiiight here and we’ll create that customized MAGIC for you guys!!!!”


Now let’s talk about what the investment typically looks like with me!!!

I know investing in yourself can be scary but here's the deal: IT'S WORTH IT.  If you're ready to catapult your growth to the next level, I'm so ready to walk with you. I can't wait to see you CRUSHING those dreams!

let'sget down to the nitty gritty

Glance over this page for a brief overview of process, topics, and investment. If everything is feeling good, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and I'll send you my FULL pricing guide complete with all the session options, full topic breakdowns, FAQs, and so much more. We can chat details and proceed with next steps.
Reminder: you are incredible. You're crushing this. And I'm here for you.

the investment

Now let’s talk about what the investment typically looks like with me!!!

one-time mentor session

This session is great for entrepreneurs needing a single kick-start session to gain clarity, focus, and a one-hour intensive on any and every topic you want to cover! I'm an open book and will unload everything I possibly can into your lap in this session!

The topics include but aren't limited to:
-productivity/time management
- social media marketing
- client communication
- branding
- photography specific education
- ex: editing, posing, etc!

- niche marketing
- workflow
- client experience 
- diversifying income streams
- branding
- whatever you want to learn from me! This is just a taste of what we can cover!

You'll be sent a detailed questionnaire upon booking this session with me so we can both best prepare to get the MOST out of this session. I'll come fully prepared to fire-hose you with information on whatever is causing friction or frustration in your business right now. This is a great option if you're not ready (or able) to commit to long-term coaching yet or just need some new fuel thrown on your fire! 

one hour // $1297

This option is the BEST option for entrepreneurs ready to see consistent and explosive growth in their business. Whether you're just starting out in a new business or industry and want a mentor to walk with you through the ups and downs that come with startups, or you've been in your biz for awhile and need some external eyes and input on how to scale, grow, and up-level... this is perfect for you.

Investing in more regular coaching allows us to dig DEEP and focus on mastering and eliminating areas of weakness (we ALL have them!!!) as well as strengthening areas of strength. This is where you can expect to see mind-blowing growth and results in a matter of just a few months (as long as you're willing to put in the WORK.)

We'll meet for one hour each month with a 3-month minimum commitment. Topics include anything listed above or whatever else you're ready to tackle together! Detailed questionnaire, access to me between sessions, and recap emails after each call with next steps and resources are all included as well!

monthly biz coaching

1 hour per month // $997/mo

in-person photography intensive

This in-person session takes you through my whole photography process - start to finish. We'll get together for a couple hours of coaching, followed by a live couples shoot together, and finally a debrief coaching wrap-up over drinks or ice cream. This session gets INTENSE with information and workshopping your photography biz & process.

The topics include but aren't limited to:
- narrowing down your ideal client
- social media marketing
- client communication
- branding
- editing
- client direction (posing)

- pricing
- workflow
- client experience 
- diversifying income streams
- destination photography
- whatever you want to learn from me! This is just a taste of what we can cover!

This session is by far the most hands-on and intensive option for photographers specifically. I'll break down every single thing in the backend of my photography business and workflow. Nothing is off limits here. In-person we will update and review your client workflow, communication, backend, editing, branding, website, and more. It also includes a live, portfolio-building shoot perfect for even further coaching and growth.  Available for travel for the intensive as well. 

four hours // $3400

There is so so soooooo much I could say about my monthly coaching with Evie. I came in as a very lost, tired and confused business owner, trying to take my brand in about fifteen different directions, but I left the mentorship with clarity, direction, inspriation and drive to take my business to the next level. Booking coaching with Evie has hands down been the best business decision I have ever made. She has forever changed my business, and in turn, my life and my family's life. I am eternally grateful for you, Evie! - Laura Pryor

"She forever changed my business..."

Hiring Evie to be my business coach for  was an incredible experience! She was not only personally encouraging, but also gave me tangible steps in how to grow in my business. What stood out to me most was her ability to give me a kick in the booty when I needed it!
Instead of just letting me believe I was mediocre, she encouraged me with powerful words. She knew when to encourage and when to "sister, you can DO IT!!!" I left every coaching session feeling inspired and ready to WORK. My biggest takeaway from working with Evie was my confidence in who I am. Who knew I was getting a part-time therapist when I signed up for coaching!? Seriously, Evie went above and beyond to make me feel confident in who I am and what I'm doing in my business. If you're plateauing in your biz and need a kick in the booty, give Evie a call and sign up for coaching with her!!! - Sarah Yates

"Evie went above and beyond..."

Just one more...

If your heart is beating fast reading all of this... if you're ready to jump in with both dang feet... stoked outta your mind for the growth spurt of a lifetime... HIT YOUR GIRL UP.

does this make your heart soar??