i didn’t see you there

(No, really. I didn’t. This is a website.)

Hi, I’m Evelyn! But the only people who call me that are:  my parents when I’m in trouble, and my sweet husband when he’s being romantic. (Very interesting mix, I know. Anyway...)  You can call me Evie since we’re friends now. ♡ 
I’m a wedding & elopement photographer, serial entrepreneur, and business educator. I’m in LOVE with the simple, raw, unfiltered moments life hands us. It's what fuels my soul. Nothing is sweeter than finding the joy in the simple, everyday moments and seasons of life just as much as life's biggest adventures.

If you also adore things like: old film photos that send a shiver through you, a beautiful flower garden, a flowy dress in an open field, sourdough bread baking at home with a glass of wine, and absolutely speechless over the love of your life.... well then we're about to be best friends.

I’m a SoCal & Florida based  photographer, but always packing my bags. The more beautiful, intimate, and meaningful the adventure... the more ready I am for it. And I promise, the minute you start telling me your love story, I'll probably start tearing up.

(Hint: the way to my heart... a good book, a thrift adventure, or daydreaming together over a summer picnic... We'll be friends forever.)

Let’s be friends. I friggin mean it.

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