So yeah, i did a thing. I now OFFICIALLY live in southern California! If you had told me last year that I would be moving away from my family and fulfilling my dream of moving to California, I would have laughed like Sarah laughed in Genesis. But that’s the beautiful thing about faith- it’s often acknowledged in ways that are mind-boggling to us, but that make perfect sense to our Creator. Want to know how my I reached my goal in a year?? Get your hopes up, friend, because if I can- YOU CAN!!

How My Life Changed in One Year


I love my job. I love it more than words. I wouldn’t trade this for the WORLD right now. Seriously, not for anything. But it’s not easy. Period. Today, I wanted to give you an unfiltered picture of what it’s like to be a destination photographer.

What I Wish I Could Tell You About Being A Destination Photographer


I think I might shock a lot of people with what I’m about to say… but I wanna talk about ghosting for a minute.

I don’t hate ghosting.

Ghosting: Why I Don’t Hate it & How To Avoid It


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