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(I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: this is one of my favorite pages on my entire website. shhhhh.) I absolutely LOVE sharing my crazy lil life with my crew (hint: that's you!!!) so pull up a chair + let's be fraaandsss! If you're new around here, WASSUP FAM?! My name is Evelyn Grace. If you wanna know more about me personally, hop on over here! If you wanna see more of my SoCal + travel lifestyle, stay right where you are!

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If you wanna come along on my daily adventures, wild travel life, and all the behind the scenes goods, pop on over to my blog! I share everything from my trips + travel, home decor, daily life, business tips + strategies, my relationship with Jesus, and SO much more! If you're ready to be BFFs... DIS FO YOU. 

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I get dozens of questions each week about my favorite brands + products, and I LOVE sharing about my go-to's! Slide on over to my Amazon affiliate storefront to see all my favorite gear, brands, home decor items, adventure necessities, and allllll da goods! It's a one-stop shop just for you!

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